ISP Salutes Seawork support

May 14, 2014 at 5:13 PM

ISP has witnessed an overseas sales surge in the last year, driving turnover up 10pc to £7.6m. Staff numbers have also risen sharply by more than 15pc to 115 in the same period. Growth has been boosted by international deals in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Pakistan and across Europe, with exports now accounting for more than 65pc of ISP’s total sales.

ISP sales director Geoff Billington said Seawork’s international forum provides a terrific platform to promote the firm’s broad portfolio of products - which include liferafts, personal locator beacons, intrepid immersion suits and hydrostatic release units.

During the last year, the firm also secured its largest ever single lifejacket order to supply 6,500 twin chamber jackets to the Polish Army, in a contract worth in excess of £1.2m.

“We are delighted to be returning to Seawork in the summer,” said Mr Billington. “We exhibit at a number of international trade shows and Seawork remains one of the best to promote our products, and communicate who we are and what we do, to a commercial maritime audience.”

ISP’s stand (B153) at Seawork promises to deliver a comprehensive guide to marine safety products for businesses operating in the commercial marine industry.