ISP reports strong turnover

December 17, 2013 at 2:48 PM

Turnover rose to £7.6m, while staff numbers also rose sharply by more than 15%.

Entering the new year “firing on all cylinders”, the company expects sales to be up 38% on the first quarter of last year.

John Rogers, managing director, ISP, said: “Sales are way up on the first quarter of last year and we are currently enjoying one of our busiest months of trade. This should stimulate further employment opportunities and business growth.”

“ISP is currently working on a number of exciting new projects including ‘intelligent lifejackets’ which see high-end satellite location technology incorporated in the design to help locate a stranded person. We are passionate about driving innovation in the marine safety sector, through creative design, cutting edge fabrics and first class process techniques,” he added.

Units of ISP-manufactured lifejackets have risen in the last year by more than 12% to well in excess of the previous record set at 110,000 jackets. Sales within the leisure sector increased by 14%, while the sales rose by 5% in the commercial sector.

In the same time period, figures for overall manufactured units rose by more than 30% in excess of 200,000.

The increased production has been supported by investment of more than £100,000 in manufacturing machinery including sewing and high frequency welding machines.