Service & Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

It is important that you should regularly check your lifejackets to ensure that they are in good condition. Inflatable Lifejackets should always be stored in clean, dry conditions, and must be thoroughly dried after use before being returned to their stowage. Failure to do so may cause the lifejacket to inflate automatically, due to moisture build up.

Regular Pre-Wear checks should include inspection of webbing and cover material for cuts/damage, buckle inspection, cylinder tightness, firing mechanism retaining clip secure, firing mechanism indicator (where fitted), etc. If you have any doubt whatsoever about the condition of your lifejacket, then you should send your lifejacket to an ISP Authorised Service Station for Service without delay. End user Pre-Wear Inspection and Donning training courses are available on request.

SOLAS Lifejacket Service Requirements

All Inflatable Lifejackets that conform to SOLAS requirements have to be serviced annually*, at a Manufacturer Authorised Service Station, as per SOLAS III/20.8. If the Lifejackets are being used on a frequent basis and/or are being subject to extreme conditions, (damp/high humidity etc.), it is recommended that they are serviced more frequently, i.e. every 3-6 months, depending on the conditions. Please refer to your local authority/service station for advice.

*An exception to the 'annual' service, is the SOLAS lifejackets that ISP offer in hermetically sealed foil bags. Subject to the Flag State acceptance, these lifejackets may be serviced every 5 years, with a simple annual check on the condition of the packaging.

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All Inflatable Lifejackets that conform to SOLAS requirements have to be serviced annually, at a Manufacturer Authorised Service Station. more

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